Closer to Home  (2015)         


                          Second Helping  (2013)

                                   Hobo Stew  (2012)



                 Violins:  Gabby Barlow (15) and Liv Barlow (13)
             Guitars, banjo, mandolin: dad
             Graphic Design: mom     


       1. Summertime  (5:11)
       2. Shady Grove  (3:27)
       3. Deep River Blues  (2:15)
       4. Closer to Home  (3:21)
       5. Brother's Keeper  (3:00)
       6. Cold Frosty Morn  (2:27)
       7. Old Joe Clark  (4:30)
       8. Trip to Ballyshannon  (1:56)
       9. Theme from Il Postino  (2:27)
     10. Can't Find My Way Home  (4:23)     
         Sample clips on CDBABY!              

        Youtube videos Summertime, Brother's Keeper, Closer to Home, Trip to Ballyshannon, Can't Find My Way Home           

   1. Pachelbels's Canon in D (5:28)
  2. Midnight Dream (4:19)
  3. Indifference (3:27)
  4. Dve Gitari (4:00)
  5. Quando Me Lembro (3:23)
  6. Madrigal (2:42)
  7. Gavotte (2:07)
  8. Sweet Meandering (3:30)
  9. The Ludlow's (3:52)
10. Silver Spear (2:02)

     Sample clips on CDBABY!

    Youtube videos: Pachelbel's Canon in
, Midnight Dream, Quando Me Lembro, The Ludlows, Silver Spear

   1. Dark Eyes  (2:59)
   2. Mar Dyandya  (4:04)
   3. Bright is the Night  (2:52)
   4. Besame Mucho  (3:20)
   5. La Llorona  (2:08)
   6. Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2  (3:36)
   7. Shady Grove  (3:12)
   8. Teardrop Waltz  (2:18)
   9. The Ludlow's  (3:32)
 10. Ookpik Waltz  (2:16)

     Sample clips on CDBABY!

     Youtube videosDark Eyes, The Ludlows, Ookpik Waltz

                     About The Songs ...

                 Closer to Home (2015)

   1 - Summertime -  George Gershwin's classic, immortalized by the likes of Billie Holladay, Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Doc Watson, Janis Joplin, and many others.

   2 - Shady Grove -  An 18th century folk song popular with old time fiddlers and bluegrass musicians, thought to be based on the old English ballad, "Matty Groves.”

   3 - Deep River Blues -  A traditional piece inspired by Doc Watson’s version in the 1960s, who was himself inspired by The Delmore Brothers “Big River Blues” in the 1930s.

   4 - Closer to Home -  An original piece, inspired by John D. Loudermilk’s “Windy and Warm."

   5 - Brother’s Keeper - The theme song from the 1992 documentary, "Brother's Keeper", which won the "Grand Jury Prize for Documentary" at the Sundance Film Festival and the "NYFCC Award for Best Documentary" at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards.  It was written and performed by Jay Ungar and Molly Mason for violin, mandolin and guitar.  

   6 - Cold Frosty Morn - Another traditional piece of somewhat ambiguous origins, most of which suggest Celtic roots.

   7 - Old Joe Clark - A traditional mountain folk song/ballad, recorded by many artists including Woodie Guthrie and The Kingston Trio.

   8 - Trip to Ballyshannon - A great Celtic tune written by Alasdair Fraser, from his “The Road North” album.

   9 - Theme from Il Postino - Theme from the academy award winning film, Il Postino, the original score of which was composed by Luis Enriquez Bacalov.

10 - Can’t find My Way Home - our instrumental version of the classic written by Steve Winwood, first released by his band, Blind Faith, in 1969. 

                Second Helping (2013)

1 - Pachelbel's Canon in D - The most well known composition by one of the most important composers of the middle Baroque era, Johann Pachelbel. 

2 - Midnight Dream -
One of our favorite Willie and Lobo tunes.  Wille and Lobo are a guitar/violin duo who play a wonderful blend of gypsy, latin, celtic, flamenco, middle eastern, rock, jazz, Cuban swing, tango and salsa.    

3 - Indifference -
 A lively musette waltz written for accordian by Tony Murena and Joseph Colombo.  Murena recorded it in Paris in 1942 along with the Ferret brothers (Baro and Sarane) who also played with Django Reinhardt.  It has worked its way into the repertoire of many gypsy swing musicians.

4 - Dve Gitari - 
Usually characterized as a Russian gypsy piece, romance, lullaby, love song ... 

5 - Quando Me Lembro - A lovely Brazilian choro piece written for mandolin by Luperce Miranda. 

6 - Madrigal - Written for guitar by Mahlon Lucas, from his cd entitled "Spanish Fantasie".  Mahlon studied with the Romeros, the famous family of guitarists from Spain.  He studied classical from Celedonio Romero, and flamenco from Pepe Romero.  In 1988, Celedonio requested three of Mahlon's compositions for his own use.   

7 - Gavotte -
  A French folk dance written by Florentine-born French composer, Jean Baptiste Lully, who spent most of his life working in the court of Louis X!V of France.  Lully is considered the chief master of the French baroque style.

8 - Sweet Meandering - 
Another favorite authored by Willie and Lobo, a guitar/violin duo who play a wonderful blend of gypsy, latin, celtic, flamenco, middle eastern, rock, jazz, Cuban swing, tango and salsa.                             

9 - The Ludlows - 
This is the theme song from the movie "Legends of the Fall."  It was written by James Horner for piano and symphony orchestra.  We've adapted it for guitar and violins.

10 -  Silver Spear - 
a traditional Irish reel and a pretty popular fiddle tune, used traditionally for dance.


              Hobo Stew (2012)

  1 - Dark Eyes -  A haunting tune of somewhat ambiguous origins.  Often characterized as a Russian gypsy song, though the words and music were written respectively by the Ukrainian poet, Yevhen Hrebinka, and the music by composer F. Hermann, who according to some sources is a French composer (Florian Hermann) and according to others, a Russified German (Feodor Hermann).  Dark eyes has become a standard in gypsy jazz repertoire.

  2 - Mar Dyandya - A playful, Roma gypsy folk song.   Our version is inspired by the 7 string (semistrunnaya gitara) virtuoso, Sergei Orekhov, with a simplified guitar line that makes way for violin improvization.

  3 - Bright is the Night - A traditional Russian folk song.  Again, ours is inspired by the arrangement of Sergei Orekov, but arranged for violins instead of guitars.

  4 - Besame Mucho -  Written in 1940 by one of Mexico's most famous songwriters, Consuelo Velázquez, at about the age of 20.  The song has been translated into many languages and many different styles, from the Beatles, Sammy Davis Junior, Plácido Domingo, and many others.

  5 - La Llorona - A traditional Mexican folk song and cautionary tale. 

  6 - Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 - Chopin's most famous nocturne and one of his most popular works, thought to have been written when he was about 20 years old.  It was written in the key of E flat major, but we adapted it here in the key of E to facilitate the guitar accompaniment.

  7 - Shady Grove - An 18th century folk song popular with old time fiddlers and bluegrass musicians.  It is thought to be based on the old English ballad, "Matty Groves."

  8 - Teadrop Waltz - A lovely waltz written by Reg Bouvette.  This rendition is inspired by Casey Willis and his youtube posting in 2007.

  9 - The Ludlows -  This is the theme song from the movie "Legends of the Fall", written by James Horner.  We have adapted the piece here for guitar and violins.

10 - Ookpik Waltz - A beautiful waltz written and published (1965) by musical legend, Frankie Rodgers.